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Pierrick Pinot - Painter - Illuminator - Card-maker


Pierrick Pinot was born on March 11th 1954 in Vitré, a small city in the département of Ille et Vilaine in France, the gateway to Brittany. Vitré is known for its great medieval background, with lot of magnificent remains. From his early childhood, Pierrick is very impressed by the medieval architecture and atmosphere of the working-class quarters of the town. He is also influenced by his father, a good amateur painter and drawer who makes copies of Bruegel , Gauguin, and Utrillo, by a close friend of his family, Pierre Giffard de la Marzellière, a talented painter and guilder from Vitré. Moreover he is greatly fascinated by the marginal life and the mysterious works of Patrick Albert, a musician-painter of his acquaintance. Pierrick makes academic studies in his home town then in Laval (Mayenne). At the age of 19, he settles in Munich, Germany, where he attends a drawing course while doing odd jobs. Back in France, he then decides to devote his life to painting. He is invited to show two of his works (> "La Ville androgyne", > "Homonculus", "Le Pianiste"..., colorful symbolic paintings) in a collective exhibition sponsored by the painter > Robert TATIN...
However, his true "vocation" will turn up when he is 22 years old and is entirely based on a strange "meeting" which will determine his future and new esthetic choices and pictorial technique. Indeed, he literally falls in love with the Tarot, an immemorial collection of peculiar and fascinating pictures. From then on, he tries to learn the original methods of these pictures (at the time they were hand-painted for famous and wealthy amateurs) and he deeply studies (in so far as documents are so few), their history, symbolism and iconography. Thus, gradually emerges a personal technique, resting on both illuminated paintings and cards making, that Pierrick calls "Méthode des Quatre As" , a method that he is worked up and improved in this studio called "The Atelier du Pied d'Or" till beginning of 2005.

He was involved in a sort of apprenticeshipe for 25 years. Illumination gave him all what he could receive and invited him to stand on his own two feet. Thus he revived the painting on canvas. Today, using a way of painting of his own, he continues to follow the same way and to serve ideas he is very keen to, through > resolutely contemporary shapes where matter, colors, gold are directly inherited from illumination...

La Ville Androgyne - Huile sur toile de Pierrick Pinot - 1975

La Ville Androgyne - Oil painting by Pierrick Pinot - 1975

Homonculus - Huile sur toile de Pierrick Pinot - 1975

Homonculus - Oil painting by Pierrick Pinot - 1975


Canvas by Pierrick Pinot - Mars - Detail


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"Mars" - Detail - Canvas by Pierrick Pinot

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