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A CD-Rom and a new tarot deck !

A cd-rom about the Symbolism, the History and the Iconography of the Tarot, with a singular Method of "telling fortunes" is actually in progress and should soon be born...
Below, some pictures and stuffs of the interface !

A new Tarot I prefer not speak about now... That's a surprise !

The Tarot of Midnight



APO Note

The Tarot de la Félicité (second edition - 2006) is from now on available !

The 'Tarot de la Félicité' (Tarot from Marseille type) of which the silk screen printed version (2000) is sold out for about 3 years, has been given a new release (2006) limited at 500 copies, signed and numbered, printed on strong thin cardboard (540g/m2 - Cards size : 87x172 mm). It is from now on available on line in > my Ebay store. I brought the same "amorous" care to the achievement of this new version of the Tarot de la Félicité as to the Tarot d'Argolance that you've, maybe already bought. So, you know how different the craftsmanship of my own cards is from the manufactured decks ! Their solidity, responsiveness, finish and polish meet together for the pleasure of the eye and of the touch. I sincerely hope these pictures - improved and embellished - will suit you !

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