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The Atelier du Pied d'Or (the Golden Foot Workshop)

Why Golden foot ?

Logo of the Sciapode is the name given to a fantastic creature which has only a leg ended in a huge foot. This leg allows him to run after the fastest animals and he uses his foot as a parasol.
In his "Naturalis Historia" Pline tells that Ctesias locate him in India. Jehan de Mandeville, explorer of the XIVth century, native of Liège in Belgium, is the auther of a book called The book of the wonders of the world that he wrote at the end of a travel which lasted about thirty years in Egypt, in different countries of Asia, as far as China. Portraits of this strange being amongst the numerous editions of this very famous book. The first time I saw him, the idea immediatly came to me to keep one of those pictures as my emblem and as the seal of my art workshop... of the Golden Foot ! I placed it in a bay leaves crown.




Différent pictures of the Sciapode.



APO Note

The Tarot d'Argolance in my eBay Store !

Designer : Pierrick Pinot
Country of Publication : France
Number of Cards : 22 + 2
Publication Year : 1984
Publication Status : Limited edition of approximately 1000 copies, signed, serial numbered
Reference : Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. III, p.75
Description : Silkscreen printed backs, four-color offset printing process faces, enhanced with silkscreen printed golden strokes, two coats of a "two components" silk varnish on both sides.
Cards Format : 7,5/15
Weight : 150 g

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