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The Caduceus of Mercury

The Caduceus is the > attribute of Mercury. Winged staff of bay or olive tree that Apollon gave as a reward to him, with two snakes wrapped around it, it represents harmony and balance between the two big cosmic streams around the Axis of the World. The three - green, white, red - stars symbolize the three worlds of the traditional cosmogony and the three phases of the Great Work. Above on the right, Sun-Apollon shines on and transmits his spiritual light to it.
Mercury is tradionaly attached to Mars. Golden and red symbols are seals and marks which specify characters and qualities of Mars, according to an old famous book known as "The Keys of Solomon" (Clavicula Salomonis). The text engraved in the in the golden staff is a passage in old Italien, of the "Paradise" from the Divine Comedy by Dante, hinting at the heaven of Mercury, heaven of the Beneficient and active spirits, which are on the way of the perfection of the action (Mars).
Michael is the angel of Mercury.
Corresponding Science according to Dante : Dialectics.

The Caduceus of Mercury

(Multi-medium on canvas 150/60) - Private collection


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