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The Sun

Except for the first version of "Jupiter", I tried hard to use the colors that some medieval illuminators symbolically linked with planets. So, they are not hazardous and naturally made me discover tones and colors that I would never explore and in this way, made me resist temptation of estheticism.

Goldr is tradionaly attached to the Sun. Symbols are seals and marks which specify characters and qualities of the Sun, according to an old famous book known as "The Keys of Solomon" (Clavicula Salomonis). The text engraved in the golden flat is a passage in old Italien, of the "Paradise" from the Divine Comedy by Dante, hinting at the heaven of the Sun, heaven of the Doctors and theologians, who are on the way of the perfection of the intellect (Saturn).

Corresponding Science according to Dante : Arithmetic.

The Sun - Canvas by Pierrick Pinot

(Multi-medium on canvas 85/85) - Private collection


The Sun - Canvas by Pierrick Pinot - Detail

The Sun - Canvas by Pierrick Pinot - Detail


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